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This Is How is a brewery based in Piteå, Sweden. Our mission statement is simple – brew the greatest beer for every opportunity.

How to brew
great beer.

Our beers.

The core range.

Available at Stora Coop Piteå & Järnspisens matbod

How to evolve.

In order to find the perfect beer for every opportunity we plan on brewing and releasing 1-2 completely new beers every month. Want to know more? Contact us.

How to taproom.

Since we are collaborating with Bastard Burgers we are also starting a Taproom in their restaurant. There we will of course serve beer but also hold beer tastings, how cool is that?! Want to book a tasting? Contact us.

How to start
a brewery.

Get to work.

We started our brewery in a bus garage in Piteå. And we served our very first beer on June 14 2017.

How to be grateful.

We could spend forever thanking people for helping us make this brewery happen. But forever is a long time so here are some folks who helped us along the way.

  • Robert Sjölund
  • Niklas Hedkvist
  • Oh My!
  • Steve Whisnant
  • Tomter i Norr AB
  • Faval Försäkring i Norr AB , Per Ahlin
  • Gösta Lindbäck
  • Öjebyns Glas & Aluminium AB
  • Viktor Engström
  • Wiseweb AB
  • Åsa Ivarsdotter & Ola Sundelin
  • Samuel Holmström
  • Nordlunds Iron Shop
  • Wallsténshus
  • Tomas Josbrandt, Profile Nordic
  • Marine Group Piteå
  • Jens Hallberg
  • Kurt Nordberg
  • Rolf Fahlman
  • Magnus Eriksson, Storfors Plåt
  • Jan Nilsson & Anders Rönnkvist
  • Håva Skylter AB i Malmö

Want your name here? Email us at

How to get
in touch.

Want to know more? Want some beer? Reach out to us, we love beerlovers.
Email us at or call us at 0735440904.

Find our Taproom at Bastard Burgers place on Uddmansgatan 8, Piteå
Find our brewery on Källbogatan 70, Piteå

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