This is How

This is How

We believe that having a beer is part of special everyday moments. Whether it’s because the clock just turned 5pm, you want to celebrate or simply because burgers are better with a beer. We find those moments and brew those beers.

This is the crew

Gustaf Ahlin

Gustaf Ahlin
Beer Boss

Beer boss, Master brewer, Commander in chief. The guy to contact for any inquiry.

In-House Favorite Beer: How to get it Foggin’ Right

Jimmy Akklavik

Jimmy Akklavik
Head of Hops

Head of Hops, Brewer, Carnitas King

In-House Favorite Beer: How to Highlight IPA

Grant Reimer

Grant Reimer
Pack Leader

Packaging King, Head of bottle line, Coffee Ninja.

In-House Favorite Beer: How to just pick One PILS

This is the story

This is the story

We got started in 2017, slowly turning a bus garage into a proper brewery. Since the start, we’ve outgrown the tanks and the setup multiple times and been fortunate enough to turn an awesome side hustle into full-time jobs for three beer nerds.


If the earth dies, we die – and dead people can’t drink beer. So, sustainability is very important to us. Which is why we’ve chosen to power the brewery with solar cells. Ain’t that great?


Stoked Coffee Roasters

Stoked Coffee Roasters

Wake up and smell the coffee, right? That’s exactly what we do, thanks to our one and only beloved tenant. Stoked Coffee Roasters keeps grinding and serving us damn good coffee.


Order a bag of beans in our shop, right now!
And, check out our collab How to Get stoked.

To The Shop

We would like to thank...

When we got started we were looking for sponsors, investors and charitable people. These are some of the people who helped us get started. Thank you all!

Robert Sjölund

Niklas Hedkvist

Oh My!

Alexander Andersson

Tomter i Norr AB

Faval Försäkring i Norr AB, Per Ahlin

Gösta Lindbäck

Öjebyns Glas & Aluminium AB

Viktor Engström

Wiseweb AB

Åsa Ivarsdotter & Ola Sundelin

Samuel Holmström

Nordlunds Iron Shop

Viktor Engström

Tomas Josbrandt, Profile Nordic

Marine Group Piteå

Jens Hallberg


Kurt Nordberg

Rolf Fahlman

Magnus Eriksson, Storfors Plåt

Jan Nilsson & Anders Rönnkvist

Håva Skyltar AB i Malmö



This Is How thanks investors and sponsors
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